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Erie, PA, USA

In the late 1930s and early 1940s, it was not uncommon for "tramp iron" (nuts, bolts, pieces of wire, etc.), mixed with the grain taken from farms to be processed into food stuffs to cause spark-ignited fires and explosions. In 1942, O. F. Merwin conceived the idea of making permanent (non-electric) plate-type magnetic separators for installation in the bottom of feed mill chutes to remove tramp iron. Together with his son and daughter-in-law, Bob and Betty Merwin, they established Eriez Magnetics, literally in the basement of the family's Erie, Pennsylvania home.

Today, the Erie plant serves as World Headquarters to the global Eriez network. This 100,000 square foot (9,200 square meter) facility, opened in 1963, houses sales, marketing, engineering and manufacturing operations, as well as all Corporate offices. Located adjacent to the Erie International Airport, the headquarters plant ships Eriez equipment around the world.

At the Eriez Technical Center, also on-site, the company maintains industry's largest magnetic, vibratory and metal detection test laboratory. Here, customer products and raw materials are analyzed confidentially, and ways to separate or move, screen or detect them more efficiently and economically are then suggested. Both feasibility and definitive studies are conducted. Over 100 pieces of specialized test equipment are on hand. Customers are encouraged to participate in the testing. Basic materials separation and material movement test equipment is also available at Eriez affiliates worldwide.

Come along now for a look inside the Erie facility (representative of all Eriez manufacturing plants) to learn why customers around the world look to Eriez for practical, cost-efficient solutions to even the most difficult processing problems.

  • President & CEO - Tim Shuttleworth
  • Chairman of the Board - Richard Merwin
  • V. P. Sales & Marketing - Charlie Ingram
  • V. P. Production & Technology - Mike Mankosa, Ph.D.
  • Director - Corporate Communications - Keith Jones

2200 Asbury Road
Erie, PA 16506, USA

Phone: 814-835-6000
Fax: 814-838-4960
E-Mail: eriez@eriez.com

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